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The majority of Koreans living in Japan who are currently coming, belong to the forth or fifth generation of immigrants. In other words, Koreans have been living in Japan for a long time.
However, even 50 years of history, the Koreans who make up Japan's largest minority group have not become socially well-accepted. The Koreans in Japan have occasionally been viewed as "problems" by Japan's sensationalistic mass media, and have yet to be recognized as "close neighbors" who created and nurtured a unique ethnic culture. There are many reasons for discrimination. Koreans are considered inferior. Ethnic relationships between the Japanese and Koreans in Japan are still very poor.
This is also true in Japanese social empirical research. Although Koreans residing in Japan constitute a valuable group for studying inter-ethnic relationships, social scientists in Japan have, for some strange reason, ignored their existence until recently. Only a few years ago have researchers of Koreans in Japan become more visible in the academic world, although the findings of their studies were not very insightful. The reality is that hardly any research on this subhect, let alone studies with positive connotations and/or results, has been conducted.

What is HAN?

In view of such problems and the existing situation, HAN is a page provided to promote a better understanding of Koreans in Japan from a scientific viewpoint. The study reported here is small-scale; it has the following four objectives;

  1. Document and publicize achievements of studies on Koreans in Japan;
  2. Present data compiled from "Research on Consciousness among Korean Youth in Japan, 1993 *" from various angles;
  3. Observe related sites as much as possible; and
  4. Provide an introduction to the current problems of the Koreans in Japan.

* The "Research on Consciousness among Korean Youth in Japan, 1993" was conducted by the Korean Youth Association in Japan under the joint guidance of Professor Yasunori FUKUOKA (of Saitama University) and myself, Myung-Soo KIM. This is the first nationwide survey of Koreans living in Japan.


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